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Wilmette School District 39 Fails To Provide Evidence That Its April 2011 Referendum Ballot Language "Followed Illinois Law"

View as PDF CONTACT: Herbert Sorock (847) 251-8955 (h) email: h.sorock@gmail.com WILMETTE, IL –Wilmette School District 39 has failed to substantiate its December 3, 2012, claim in a media release that its April 2011 referendum ballot language “correctly followed Illinois law as it existed at that time.” On January 18, 2013, Sorock submitted a written

Wilmette School District 39 Continues to Mislead Public, Cover Up Illegal Ballot Language

View release as a PDF WILMETTE, IL – Despite a recent change to the property tax code that clarifies how property tax increases are calculated, Wilmette School District 39 is choosing to continue its campaign to mislead residents over the illegal ballot language they used in a recent referendum that underestimated tax increases by more

Does Truth Matter?

Does Truth Matter?

OAK PARK—On Thursday, May 3, Taxpayers United of America (TUA) will canvass the streets of Oak Park with flyers in order to raise awareness about the deceptive referenda ballot language used by the Oak Park Government School District 97 in 2011. The district’s tactics resulted in a successful property tax increase. TUA later filed suit

Courts Grant Taxpayers United of America’s Motions in Three April 5th Referenda Irregularity Cases

On August 24, 2011 the Circuit Court of Cook County, by Judge LeRoy K. Martin, Jr., granted Anthony Peraica, former Cook County Commissioner and a concerned taxpayer in Riverside-Brookfield and Taxpayers United of America, (“TUA”) one of the largest taxpayer organizations in America, left to file an amended complaint in their case against the Riverside-Brookfield School District 208. The suit challenges the electioneering activities used by the school board in its unsuccessful attempt to have the voters approved a property tax increase referendum on April 5th. The amended complaint is due to be filed in two weeks.

In addition, the Appellate Court of Illinois, First Judicial Circuit, granted Noel Kuriakos and TUA’s motion to consolidate their appeal in the Oak Park District 97 referendum case with the appeal pending in the Wilmette School District 39 case, brought by TUA and Herbert Sorock. The Appellate Court’s Order was entered on August 18, 2011. Just days before, that same Appellate Court denied an effort by TUA and Sorock to accelerate the hearing of that appeal. Both appeals will now be heard together and on the regular schedule of the Court of Appeals, rather than on an expedited basis.

Taxpayers Appeal Wilmette and Oak Park Referenda Rulings

CHICAGO–Local taxpayer groups filed appeals to contest two judicial decisions allowing property tax increase referenda wording to stand in the April 5, 2011 elections in Oak Park School Dist. 97 and Wilmette School District 39. In two separate court decisions, judges ruled that both school districts were within the law when their ballot descriptions of the anticipated property tax hikes in dollars per household did not include the property tax equalization factor. As a result, taxpayers were misinformed regarding the amount of their property tax increase, which was grossly understated on each ballot.

In the case of Wilmette School District 39, Judge Rita Novak of the Circuit Court of Cook County, ruled against both Taxpayers United of America (TUA) and Herb Sorock, dismissing their lawsuit.  According to Judge Novak, it was acceptable for the School District to use ballot language that confused the voters by understating the property tax increase by 300%.

Legal Battle Continues Over Ballot Language

CHICAGO- Taxpayers United of America (TUA) and voters continue the legal battle against illegal and unconstitutional property tax increases in Wilmette School District 39 and Oak Park School District 97.

In Wilmette School District 39, Judge Rita Novak of the Circuit Court of Cook County, ruled against both TUA and Herb Sorock, dismissing their lawsuit.  According to Judge Novak, it was alright for the School District to use ballot language that confused the voters by understating the property tax increase by 300%.  She ruled on June 23rd; TUA and Sorock are considering an appeal to the 1st District Court of Appeals.

Wilmette School Board 39 Violated the Law

Taxpayers United of America (“TUA”) and Wilmette resident Herbert Sorock filed papers with the Circuit Court of Cook County June 7, 2011 claiming Wilmette School District 39 violated the U.S. Constitution, the Illinois Constitution, and the Illinois Property Tax Code by using ballot language in its April 5th property tax increase referendum that significantly failed to comply with Illinois statutory requirements.

There were 39 referenda from 48 different school districts on the ballot April 5, 2011; of the 14 that were property tax increase referenda, 10 were defeated on Election Day. TUA is challenging two of the referenda that passed, in Wilmette and in Oak Park.

Wilmette School Board Objects to Saving Taxpayers’ Money

CHICAGO–Yesterday, the Wilmette School District 39 Board successfully objected to a move by Taxpayers United of America (TUA) which would have saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

TUA had moved to consolidate two of the referendum cases it has filed so they could be heard as one case.  The lawsuits involve both Wilmette School District 39 and Oak Park School District 97.  Attorneys for both Boards objected to the consolidation.

In a hearing yesterday before Judge Moshe Jacobious at the Richard J. Daley Center, TUA argued that consolidation was in the interest of judicial economy and should be consolidated in order to avoid confusion that could result from two different Judges coming to conflicting decisions in the two cases.

Taxpayers Continue to Battle Invalid Property Taxes

The property taxpayers in three school districts continue to battle the property tax increases resulting from the April 5th referenda. In Oak Park School District 97 and in Wilmette School District 39, the initiatives were adopted by the Voters. In Riverside Brookfield District 208, the voters overwhelmingly rejected it, but the lawsuit is seeking damages for the illegal electioneering engaged in by the Board.

In the Wilmette case, on May 23rd Judge Rita M. Novak put the case on an expedited briefing schedule on two main issues: whether to enter a temporary restraining order and whether to dismiss the case. The hearing is set for June 23rd at 11:15 a.m.










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