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U-T San Diego | City has posted 5,600 pensions


Rae Ann McNeilly, Executive Director of Taxpayers United for America, provided commentary on San Diego pension policy for the U-T San Diego. Last year’s pension reform measure for San Diego has not been completely implemented, but the city has fulfilled a requirement to post a list of all its pensioners and how much they are [...]

Whiteout Press | List of highest government pension recipients in US


Findings from TUA’s nationwide pension project are featured in this story from Whiteout Press. May 1, 2013. San Francisco. The taxpayer watchdog group Taxpayers United of America just released a list of the highest, multi-million dollar pension recipients from America’s government employee retirees. The details shed light on two ever growing concerns. One, government employees [...]

Cal Wachdog | Pension deniers attempt to shame reform advocates

calwatchdog TUA coverage

TUA’s work on California’s pension crisis is mentioned in this post at If you have not read or heard anything about California’s unfunded public employee pension crisis, you’ve probably been living under a rock or, like union bosses and too many members of the state Legislature, the governor’s office and local elected officials, you [...]