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Chicago – Taxpayers United of America (TUA) urges Wilmette Park District taxpayers to “Vote No” on two referenda on the April 7 ballot that ask for a combined total of $14.5 million in new debt for more unnecessary empire building in the Wilmette Park District.
“Wilmette Park District continues its overreach and inappropriate use of taxpayer money by its excessive plans for $1.3 million toilets, plus the associated maintenance costs, that are in direct conflict with their stated mission of keeping the Langdon Park beach natural and protected for generations,” stated Jim Tobin, TUA president.
“Just like government, the park district can’t bear to give taxpayers a break by paying off existing debt. Instead, they plan to increase your taxes through new debt of $12.7 million to grow their empire on Gilson Park. Destroying 59 acres of prime lakefront with unnecessary government structures and control of the natural lakefront is nothing but more bureaucratic overreach.”
“Wilmette Park District has engaged in a systematic takeover of not just parks, but also recreation. The district has placed the boot of the government on the throat of small businesses engaged in workshops; dance and exercise studios; early childhood centers; fitness clubs with running track; gymnastics gymnasium; a sports gym; and an auditorium for the performing arts.”
“Private enterprise cannot compete with the seemingly unlimited resources of taxpayer subsidies. The Wilmette Park District’s Community Recreation Center has already confiscated enough taxes to build, staff, and maintain 94,000 square feet of recreational space.”
“This excessive government overreach costs taxpayers dearly. Not only are the hundreds of current staff paid higher wages than their private sector counterparts, but the vast majority are entered into one of the state’s failed pension systems, the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF). Even part-time clerical, trainers, maintenance, babysitters, etc. are all offered higher than average pay and constitutionally protected lifetime pensions – about 130 of these park district employees are offered golden pensions in the IMRF!”
“Langdon and Gilson Parks are intended to be beautiful and natural treasures the lakefront provides. Leave it to government bureaucrats to think they can improve upon nature by siphoning wealth from taxpayers to build impediments to the natural beauty that then require care and feeding with more tax dollars by more over-paid government employees.”
“’Vote No’ on Wilmette Park District’s arrogance on April 7.”

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