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Chicago – For nearly a decade, Taxpayers United of America (TUA) has played a critical role in publicizing the government pension crisis that has developed around the country and particularly in Illinois, where TUA was founded and currently based. With the shifting political climate in the state and the election of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner last November, who has stirred up the political class by taking a hardline approach to solving the government pension debacle without raising taxes, taxpayers are seeing more favorable news coverage opposing the lavish government pension system than ever before.
In the last week alone, TUA has received very favorable news coverage by WBBM Newsradio, Sauk Valley News, Michigan Capitol Confidential, and even the Chicago Tribune. Every bit of news coverage for TUA and the government pensions means that exponentially more taxpayers are becoming informed of the perilous financial situation that their politicians have put them in.
The gold-plated government pensions are a hot issue in Illinois and across the country, especially as legislators scramble to temporarily plug budget holes before they adjourn to their communities. These are the same bureaucrats who promise tax relief to their constituents while continuing to perpetuate a broken government pension system by balancing the books on the backs of taxpayers. TUA is here to set the record straight.
And that is why TUA’s work is so vitally important to taxpayers. Over the last decade, TUA has forced the Illinois government pension fiasco into the spotlight and for good reason; the current government pension system is unsustainable. With our persistent activism and outreach, TUA’s website is flooded daily by waves of taxpayers looking to become members, joining TUA in the fight for fiscal sanity in Illinois and to reclaim our economic future.