tua Madison wi

Ten years ago, Taxpayers United of America (TUA) and its Wisconsin affiliates held a press conference at the capitol building in Madison supporting the Budget Repair Bill known as “2011 Wisconsin Act 10”. This bill was introduced by then governor Scott Walker which addressed the state’s $3.6 billion budget deficit. It was an attempt to reign in the many lavish privileges that government employees enjoyed at taxpayers’ expense. TUA was the first anti-tax group to support the governor.  This press conference was covered by tv and local press.

Mr. Tobin, president of TUA noted that Wisconsin had the fourth highest state and local taxes nationally, which supported the lavish pensions and run-away benefits of state employees. Many public employees become multi-millionaires at taxpayer expense which made a mockery of the term, civil servants. 

With considerable effort from Christina Tobin, TUA was the first taxpayer organization to arrive on site to support the governor and his much-needed reforms.

Seven members of TUA from Illinois and Wisconsin were admitted to the capitol building which was shut down because of the rancorous and volatile mob-like atmosphere both inside and outside the capitol building.  Intruders yelling and banging drums inside the rotunda were not asked to leave. Thousands of mostly young adle-brained protesters surrounded the capitol building and damaged property. Of course, most of the main scheme media reported the protests as peaceful. This was the time when 14 Democrat Senators in cowardly fashion fled to Illinois so that they would not have to vote on the bill. Many represented their Wisconsin constituents by staying and hiding at the upscale Drake Hotel in Chicago.

After the TUA press conference which supported the governor’s fiscal initiatives Mr. Tobin was further interviewed by various media as he was exiting the capitol building. Verbal insults and loud threats were hurled at him and at those who accompanied him.  One protester who claimed to be a government teacher bellowed a litany of 4-letter words attempting to drown out Mr. Tobin’s comments as he was addressing a reporter. Other protesters made threatening physical motions toward Mr. Tobin and those who accompanied him. Thankfully, there were lots of cameras around.