“I have seen some really bad governors of Illinois since I founded Taxpayers United of America (TUA) in 1976 but—I must tell you—I have never seen an Illinois governor as incompetent and corrupt as Gov. Jay Robert ‘J. B.’ Pritzker (D),” said Jim Tobin, economist and president of TUA.

“Pritzker is a real piece of work. In addition to having zero talent for managing a state like Illinois, he is totally corrupt in a political sense. He is a tool of labor unions, and retired government employees who are living the high life with their lavish, gold-plated taxpayer-funded pensions. He is also a vindictive, mean-spirited individual who has taxpayers in his crosshairs.”

“TUA worked with local taxpayers’ groups across the state to assist them in defeating Pritzker’s income theft amendment in November 2020. Pritzker’s amendment would have converted the state income tax to a graduated income tax. The amendment would have enabled his Democrat thugs in that political cesspool called Springfield to raise income tax rates as high as they want, whenever they want.”

The money would have gone to prop up the state pension funds for retired government employees, which are circling the drain. Two years ago, Springfield passed a $5 billion state income tax increase, and virtually every dollar was funneled into these state pension funds. The tax increase didn’t even move the needle.”

“Through one of his mouthpieces, Pritzker had threatened that if voters did not pass his income theft amendment, he would support a 20% increase in state income tax rates. He was shocked and outraged when his amendment was crushed at the polls, and, now, he is serious about making good on his threat. In other words, Illinois taxpayers have a big target on their backs.”

“A 20% increase in the state income tax would wipe out the state’s middle class and force even more taxpayers and small businesses to flee the state for states with lower taxes. Illinois taxpayers can’t afford a 20% increase in the state income tax.”

“This year, 2021, will make or break Illinois. If Pritzker’s income tax hike passes, say goodbye to the Illinois you used to know.”