The following excerpt, which ran on page one of today’s New York Times, is from a feature story about California’s “Top Two” Referendum: Proposition 14. Christina Tobin, Founder of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation and leading opponent of this measure, is quoted in the piece.
Sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, Proposition 14 would destroy third party and independent candidates in California and make it easier to increase state taxes by limiting competition at the ballot box. A nationwide boycott of HP is being considered.

California Puts Two-Step Vote on the Ballot
By Jesse McKinley

SACRAMENTO — In another indication of how frustrated voters have grown with politics as usual, California — home of initiative-happy democracy — is considering a radical overhaul.
On June 8, voters will decide the fate of a ballot measure that would replace traditional primaries in state and Congressional elections with, effectively, two rounds of voting. All candidates would run in the first round, and the top two vote-getters — regardless of party affiliation, or unaffiliation — would then face each other in the general election. Voters’ ultimate choice could be two Republicans or two Democrats, or two candidates with high name recognition, or deep pockets, or populist appeal.
“It’s the biggest threat to independent and third parties in the last 50 years,” said Christina Tobin, who is running for secretary of state as a Libertarian while also campaigning against Proposition 14.”It would make it far more difficult for minor parties to qualify.”
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