WOODSTOCK, IL – A small, but growing group of local citizens have joined forces to send a message to legislators and local officials about their taxes. The message is simple, “We can’t pay any more taxes than we already are and if you don’t do something serious to improve the situation, you will lose our votes.”
The movement grew out of a protest in McHenry County on June 13th where two people paid their taxes entirely in singles while a group of others gathered to voice their disgust about property taxes. The group has taken the name “Illinois Tax Revolution – Saving Illinois” and is organizing taxpayer rallies. So far, there are three rallies planned; one in McHenry County, another in Lake County and a third in downtown Chicago.
The group has drawn support from a growing number of activist organizations and local office candidates and encourages others to contact the organization to show their support.
“This is all about giving the overburdened taxpayer an opportunity to have their voices heard”, said Bob Anderson, Chairman of the Group’s Steering Committee.
“We hope that taxpayers and local officials will join us at the rallies in a gesture of solidarity and commitment to addressing the crippling problem of taxes in our communities,” said Bob. For those that cannot attend in person, the group offers “One-Page Petitions” that individuals can fill out and send back to the group. These will be brought to the rallies to represent those who cannot make it to the events.


About Illinois Tax Revolution

Saving Illinois

Born out of the devastating impact of taxes in this area, a small group organized to give a voice and a focal point to burdened taxpayers. Led by a small Steering Committee consisting of Bob Anderson, Dan Aylward, Steve Rooney, Joe Tirio and Rose Venegas, the group sought ways to help every taxpayer communicate with their community leaders on the subject of taxes and the impact on their lives.
Please direct press inquiries to:
Bob Anderson
(815) 653-7699 or (815) 653-9865