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Chicago – Sen. Richard J. “Dick” Durbin (D-IL), denies citizens protection of their life and their property by pushing gun controls that take the ‘self’ out of self-defense, according to the president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“Can you imagine waiting for Chicago police to arrive to save you from an armed assault? Custer stood a better chance of surviving,” stated Jim Tobin, president and founder of TUA.
“As an Illinois native, I have heard a lot of ridiculous gun control propaganda, but Dick Durbin’s assertion that even more gun control in Chicago might prevent the gun violence in the city is not only foolhardy, it is illegal. How many court rulings does he need to remind him of the Constitution he has taken multiple oaths to uphold, and spent at least 3 years studying in law school?”
“If we are not free to protect ourselves and are required to rely on police, you get….Chicago.”
At last year’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on guns, Durbin compared Fordham University law professor Nicholas Johnson’s stance on the Second Amendment to a “suicide pact.” “When I listened to you and Mr. Hardy describe the Second Amendment, it’s a suicide pact. Because by your definition, what has become common in America is unacceptable in a civilized country,” stated Durbin.
“By that logic, the early settlers would have been limited to bows and arrows to defend themselves. Waiting for the cavalry to arrive would have been much like waiting for CPD”, added Tobin.
“Self-defense is an inalienable right. Not only is the second amendment not a suicide pact, forcing people to rely on government for protection is a death warrant.”
“All of Durbin’s gun control rants are nothing more than political exploitation of the unfortunate victims of gun violence and designed to stir up his base after the deaths of innocents. He doesn’t even list gun violence as one of ‘…today’s most important issues’ on his campaign website.”
“Regardless of where you are on the gun control debate, it’s difficult to argue the meaning of, ‘shall not be infringed’.”
“I guess the real question is, how can Sen. Durbin propose to violate the Constitution rather than tackle the difficult issues that are the causes of gun violence?”