We have been very successful getting our voices out about our displeasure with recently proposed tax increases such as SB 2288 and HJRCA 42. There is one bill that has been sitting on the back burner in Springfield for a long time and that is House Bill 750 (HB750). This bill is similar to SB 2288 in that it would raise our personal state income tax by 67% and raise the total corporate income tax rate to 10.5%, however, it would also create a state service tax on services such as hair cuts and auto repairs just to name two of many services to be taxed. This bill would also tax retirement income. This bill is much worse than SB 2288 and would be devastating to the state’s economy, especially in a time of economic downturn. The state of Illinois does not need more of your tax dollars. The politicians need to be held accountable for their gross over-spending.
Please contact your State Representative and tell them to oppose HB750 and to quit trying to take more of your hard earned money.