Development in our district is something that should be approached cautiously and carefully. Growth and new revenue should not overshadow the needs of the residents and taxpayers.
It would be an honor to serve and represent the voters of District 6, I look forward to the challenges ahead.

​I am committed to:
  • Voting against tax increases
  • Less government control
  • Open government


“Tax Accountability is pleased to endorse Kelly Liebmann for the McHenry County Board District 6 in the March 15, 2016 Illinois primary. Mrs. Liebmann has pledged to support economic freedom by working to decrease the overall tax burden of Illinois taxpayers. She has expressed an exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth in Illinois. Due to her knowledge of the challenges facing McHenry County and her enthusiasm to defend the interests of taxpayers, I urge voters to support Kelly Liebmann’s candidacy and help put a true tax fighter on the McHenry County Board.”
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