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On December 13th, 2017 the Morton High School District No. 201 Board of Education voted to pass the almost 10% property tax levy on property owners. Despite the testimony of taxpayers such as Jim Tobin, a 30 year resident of Berwyn, the Board chose to pass the tax levy unanimously. This property tax increase has been set at 9.89% and is estimated to squeeze up to $40,708,499 out of taxpayers, compared to the previous $37,044,777 from last year.
This property tax levy will effect taxpayers like Berwyn resident Iris Ledford, whose letter was read aloud at the board hearing.
“In case I’m unable to make it to Dec 13 public hearing, I want to register my opposition to proposed tax increase. The projected percentage is outrageous.  I live in Berwyn. My assessed property increase is at 13.9%. On top of that residents voted for another approx $250 increase for its schools. Morton’s would be more than that. Why can’t all of the schools coordinate so there are not multiple increases? All entities should have mandatory budget training & brainstorm other ways to raise funds. A line should be drawn to reduce benefits at a specific time. Maybe for those with no tenure and newbies.  My social security increased 2%. Over 50% went to a Medicare premium rate hike. Our towns are not comprised of upper demographics. Who can afford to continue to just accept these kinds of increases? Oh, maybe those with the triple digit pensions? As for me, I am most likely going to have to move out of Cook County. My $24,000 social security is just not going to be able to sustain property taxes that are going to be over 25% of income. Maybe I’m an outlier but really don’t think so. Thank you for reading my opinion.”-Iris Ledford
The Morton High School District No. 201 Board of Education has chosen to betray taxpayers in exchange for giving government school employees lavish salaries. 24.84% of the total salaried employees, or 116 teachers and administrators at Morton High School District No. 201 receive over $100,000 in salaries.  Many more of these government employees receive $100,000 in total compensation. This data is publicly available and can be found here:
Increasing our property taxes without referendum is theft pure and simple.