CHICAGO—“Unsustainable spending in Washington threatens to bankrupt our country. Taxpayers must take action this election for our own protection and the protection of our children and grandchildren. That is why Tax Accountability (TAC), the political action arm of NTUI, is endorsing Libertarian Candidate Mike Labno for US Senate,” said Jim Tobin, TAC President.

“Mike Labno is the only candidate for US Senate who signed our Taxpayer Protection Pledge, in which he declared: ‘I, Mike Labno, pledge to the taxpayers of Illinois, that I will oppose any and all efforts to increase federal taxes.’ Mike’s stand on a variety of issues can be found at”

“The Republican candidate, Mark Kirk, and the Democrat Candidate, Alexi Giannoulias, have refused to sign our Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” said Tobin. “There is no difference between these two losers–they are both tax raisers and war mongers, who would sacrifice the US Constitution for their political ambition.”

“Mike Labno is not a career politician. He is not a well-heeled lawyer or banker. He worked his own way through college and is now a senior project manager in the electrical construction industry. As a self-made man, father, and lifelong Illinois resident, Mike understands the working people of Illinois because he is one. As our Senator, Mike Labno will reduce the size and cost of the federal government, so the tax burden can be reduced for Illinois families.”

“It’s going to take hard-working Americans like Mike Labno to stop government spending and return our country to economic vitality. Just say NO to sending another out-of-touch politician to Washington. Say YES to Mike Labno for US Senate.”

Jim Tobin, Chairman

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