CHICAGO—National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI), Illinois’ largest taxpayer organization, today named State Senator A. J. Wilhelmi (D-43, Crest Hill), its “Tax Villain of the Month.”

“Sen. Wilhelmi has been pummeling Illinois taxpayers unmercifully,” said Jim Tobin, NTUI President. “In the last two sessions of the Illinois General Assembly, from 2007 to 2010, he voted for every significant tax increase bill, including the infamous SJRCA92, an amendment to the Ill. Constitution that would have converted state personal and corporate income tax rates from their current flat rates to graduated rates, making it easier to raise rates by appealing to class warfare themes.”

“Sen. Wilhelmi voted to increase the state personal income tax a back-breaking 67%, and to raise the corporate income tax from 7.3% to 9.7%, to fund the lavish, gold-plated pensions for retired government employees.”

“Wilhelmi voted for 5 bills to increase property taxes (SB2125, HB242, HB6041, SB3010 and SB3638).”

“Wilhelmi also voted for Chicago Mayor Daley’s failed 2016 Olympic bid that would have provided $250 million in pork barrel spending (SB2016).”

“One has to struggle to find a member of the State Senate with a worse record on taxation and spending,” said Tobin. “Wilhelmi is one of the worst enemies of Illinois taxpayers, and he is getting worse each term he is in office.”

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