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Chicago – Tax Accountability (TA), the political action arm of Taxpayers United of America (TUA) has endorsed Chris Jenner in his bid for McHenry County College Board.
“Known as a tax-fighter for his great work on the Cary District 26 School Board, we were happy to support Chris Jenner’s run for the MCCB. As required for our endorsement, candidates must answer our questionnaire and sign our pledge not to raise taxes,” stated Rae Ann McNeilly, executive director for TUA.
“Chris Jenner is the kind of candidate that every community needs. He is a principled tax-fighter who understands the importance of protecting constituents’ money like his own.”
“He certainly has ruffled the some feathers but survived a meritless attempt to knock him off of the ballot. His commitment to honest spending and minimal taxation are not what the status quo want to embrace.”
“He has won the first round by staying on the ballot, and we fully expect a victory at the ballot on April 9. Across the state we are finding that taxpayers are tired of the status quo tax and spenders who care only about securing lavish pay and gold-plated benefits for themselves and their cronies. Chris Jenner has the status quo on the run and that is exactly what voters will remember when they go to the ballot.”
“There is a real hunger for elected officials who have the political courage to do what’s best for the constituents rather than special interests. We hear from taxpayers across the state, the frustration they have with state of taxation and spending in Illinois. While some people may feel they have lost control at the state and federal levels, they clearly understand the control they have at the local level and they are voting their preference for spending cuts.”
“Chris Jenner is exactly what McHenry County College Board needs. He will be an advocate for the students and the taxpayers, not the big-government tax and spenders who see the MCCB as a means to grow their own empire.”
Jenner aptly identified the following issues with the current MCCB management:

  • A budget that forgot McHenry County is under the tax cap, with no apparent consequences or discipline for the mistake, and a proposal to make up the shortfall through a tuition hike instead of dipping into the college’s healthy cash reserves.
  • 22,000 taxpayer dollars spent to send 5 trustees, 2 administrators, and the student trustee to Boston to stay in $319 a night hotel rooms and eat lobster dinners as well as attend a conference.
  • Use of a so-called consultant with an obvious conflict of interest to justify a $45 million health sciences facility and health club.
  • A plan to issue $45 million in debt without asking for permission from the voters.

Jenner is running on a platform of responsible budget management and commitment to students and taxpayers.