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Chicago – Illinois taxpayers are fighting local tax expansion and increase referenda with the help of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). TUA is helping activists in Itasca SD 10 and McClellan CCSD 12 to defeat property tax increase referenda; Country Club Hills to repeal Home Rule, and in South Chicago Heights and Anna to stop Home Rule.
“Taxpayers are making it clear that they have had enough of Illinois’ tax increases and expanding taxation power through Home Rule tax authority,” stated Jim Tobin, president of TUA.
“We are winning the battle at the local level – where people still have a voice in their government. People are overwhelmingly saying no to property tax increases and expanding taxing authority through Home Rule. Taxpayers are frustrated that they have no control at the state or federal level, and are making sure that they send a message to their local governments that they have had enough.”
“Since we won ballot language battle requiring property tax increase referenda to state the actual amount of tax increase, government bureaucrats have a more difficult time tricking people into approving property tax increases. We have seen an unprecedented decrease in the number of government school property tax increase referenda on the April 9 ballot.”
“Taxpayers are also more aware of the power grab that bureaucrats try to perpetrate through Home Rule taxation. Activists in Country Club Hills have placed a referendum to repeal Home Rule taxing authority and support for repeal is in their favor. Their initiative comes on the heels of successful Home Rule repeal referendum in Westmont, the first successful Illinois Home Rule repeal in 29 years.”
“We have been working hard to educate taxpayers on the truth about Home Rule tax authority. Taxpayers understand that it is just a power grab by local politicians who are trying to build empires through increased taxation. Home Rule always means higher taxes and people are tired of being abused in this manner. We expect Country Club Hills to successfully repeal Home Rule because residents see this for what it is – a way to sustain the high pay and pensions that the government bureaucrats give themselves. They understand that 80% of local taxes, including the 1.25% Home Rule sales tax increase, go to fund lavish salaries and benefits for the government elite.”
“We are also assisting taxpayers in Anna, IL and South Chicago Heights where local politicians are trying to increase their taxing authority by placing Home Rule on the April 9 ballot. Taxpayers can easily defeat this attempt to recoup state and federal tax dollars that have been cut. Tax and spenders must think that voters are stupid. If there isn’t enough money at the state and federal level, why do they think taxpayers will give more at the local level?”
“TUA is helping activists in Itasca School District 10, where bureaucrats are seeking a $650 annual property tax increase. Itasca bureaucrats are so desperate to fool voters that they have developed charts, graphs, documents, and videos to make the property tax increase appear to be one third of what it will actually be! Taxpayers won’t be fooled though; local government needs to get the message that taxpayers expect government to cut spending.”
“A property tax increase referendum is also on the ballot in McClellan CCSD 12. Bureaucrats in this school district are trying to pass a $271 annual increase in property taxes. The state has cut funding based on the decreased number of students enrolled in CCSD 12, so why wouldn’t the administration cut spending based on the number of students enrolled?”
“Taxpayers across the state have had enough and are winning the fight against unlimited taxation. They felt powerless when their state income taxes increased by 67% and their Social Security taxes increased by 44%, but they know they are not powerless to stop these increases at the local level. Government bureaucrats expect taxpayers to take additional pay cuts in order support their own lavish pay, premium benefits, and gold-plated pensions in jobs that offer nearly iron-clad security.”
Follow these links to print Vote No Flyers to help defeat tax-increase referenda in your community:

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  1. How can we repeal home rule in Glenwood?