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Illinois taxpayers may be blindsided by a January vote to make the 67% increase in the state income tax permanent, according to Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America.
“Outgoing Gov. Patrick Quinn (D), whom the Wall Street Journal has called the nation’s worst governor, just won’t go without creating more turmoil in his final days. Quinn has called a special session of the Ill. General Assembly for January 8 that will cost taxpayers $50,000,” said Tobin.
“Anything can happen in the lame duck special session, but what really worries me is what could happen after the new legislature convenes in January.”
“As of Jan. 1, the state personal income tax rate is scheduled to drop to 3.75 percent. The corporate tax rate, currently 9.5 percent, is scheduled to drop to 7.75 percent. Not one Republican voted for the tax hikes that are due to expire. But now there are rumblings that some Republicans may join Democrats in voting to extend the income tax hike – and the Democrats already have a majority in both chambers. The notorious State Senator Dave Syverson (R-35 Rockford) already has publically supported extending the income tax increase.”
“Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation, thanks to the uncontrolled spending by Springfield Democrats. Its tax rates make it uncompetitive with other states, and extending the income tax hikes will continue to rob taxpayers of their hard-earned money to fund the lavish government pensions in Illinois.”
“Illinois taxpayers must quickly mobilize to kill any attempt to extend the state income tax increases. I urge them to call their state senators and representatives, especially the Republicans who are wavering on this issue, and demand that they oppose extending the state income tax hikes.”
“Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) has all but destroyed the financial condition of the state of Illinois. He has been totally incompetent. I wouldn’t trust Quinn to take care of my goldfish.”
Find your state representative and senator at the following link and urge them to reject any proposal to increase the Illinois state income tax: