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Following is media coverage for Taxpayers United of America.
On October 15th, the Breeze Courier Online, based in Taylorville, Illinois and Christian County’s only daily, reported on TUA’s efforts to defeat home rule referenda on the November 4th ballot in the five suburban-Chicago villages of Barrington, Lake Zurich, Lynwood, Crestwood, and Matteson on November 4th.
On October 22nd, Carbondale’s The Southern Illinoisan published a letter to the editor in their Voice of the Reader section that specifically mentioned the longtime work of our founder and president, Jim Tobin, and his many decades of fighting against the unlimited taxing authority of Home Rule in Illinois, as well as the activism of Robert Redfern of the Illinois Forum.
Tobin was then interviewed on October 29th by the New York Times bestselling author of twelve books, senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and libertarian polymath, historian Tom Woods, for his radio show and podcast, The Tom Woods Show. They discussed tax revolts, the late economist Murray Rothbard, and upcoming TUA government pension seminars in 2015.
This interview was especially fantastic for both Tobin’s terrific and lively conversation with Tom on the show, as well as the fact that Tom’s listenership includes more than sixty-thousand Facebook subscribers, nearly thirty-thousand Twitter followers, plus numerous internet and terrestrial radio stations which air his weekly interviews. Since the interview aired last week, TUA has already been contacted by half a dozen activists across the country inquiring about our work, how to fight back against ever-expanding government and crippling taxation, and what we could do to assist them where they live.
More interviews are in the works and we hope to garner more press in the coming days after the election. We’re opposing five referenda for Home Rule status and supporting repeal in one village, as well as opposing three sales tax increases.