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Chicago – Taxpayers United of America (TUA) helped local activists defeat Home Rule referenda in 5 out of 6 communities. This brings our total Illinois Home Rule referenda victories to 206! We were also successful in defeating 2 of 3 countywide sales tax battles, bringing the total to 205 victories against tax increases! That’s 411 victories for taxpayers since 1977!
“Taxpayers soundly beat 7 out of 9 of these measures and sent a Republican Governor to Springfield. I’d say we’ve had enough of the status quo of the government treating taxpayers like an ATM,” stated Jim Tobin, president of TUA.
“Government bureaucrats always try to keep taxpayers in the dark about what Home Rule really means to them – higher taxes that drive consumers away. They still don’t let opposition voices speak at their ‘educational’ sessions. But as shown in Barrington, Crestwood, Lynwood, Matteson, and Lake Zurich, we have learned how to crush them at the polls!”
“Government bureaucrats in Edwards, Wayne, and White Counties expected taxpayers to approve a new 1% sales tax to fund buildings and maintenance of government schools. Taxpayers in Wayne and Edwards sent a clear message that they pump enough money into the government schools that return substandard results.”
Click the links below for our successful Vote No flyers opposing Home Rule and Sales Tax Increases:
· 5 Village Governments Want Taxpayers to Throw Away Their Right to Vote on Property Tax Increases
· 3 Illinois Counties Seek to Gouge Taxpayers With New 1% Sales Tax
“With our help, taxpayers have learned that 80% of local taxes go to fund salaries and pensions of the over-staffed, inefficient, juggernaut government. No matter how loudly the bureaucrats yell, we know that it’s not ‘for the children.’”
“Taxpayers from across the country have been calling and emailing us daily to help stop new, bigger, and existing taxes. Taxpayers are beginning to revolt. When we publish names and amounts showing that 11,054 Illinois government retirees are getting more than $100,000 and 78,000 are getting more than $50,000 in taxpayer funded pensions, taxpayers refuse to take any more pay cuts in the form of more insidious taxation.”
“We need to continue this trend of defeating and repealing taxes and taxing authorities to return prosperity and financial security to taxpayers who are done sacrificing for the sake of government bureaucrats.”
***The original version of this news release reported the repeal of Home Rule in West Frankfort, IL, however, the vote totals reported by the government following the election were inaccurate. The release has been edited to reflect this change.