TUA’s pension project on Champaign and Decatur, Illinois, is featured in this news story from WAND-TV NewsCenter 17.

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Decatur – Taxpayers United of America is providing government pension information at its website taxpayersunited.org. The taxpayer watchdog is highlighting pensions for retirees of the cities of Decatur and Champaign. Both Macon County & Champaign County, along with school districts in those counties. And the University of Illinois & Richland Community College.
Hundreds of retired local government retirees are getting multi-million dollar pensions,” said Rae Ann McNeilly, executive director of TUA. “It is past time to bring government pay and benefits in line with private sector compensation because simple math tells us that we can’t tax our way out of financial debacle.”
Taxpayers United is calling on the legislature to end defined benefit pension plans for new government employees. Instead TUA would prefer to see 401-k style pension plans.
The Social Security Administration says the average life expectancy of an individual is about 85 years. That would mean retirees retiring in their 50’s and 60’s could collect pension benefits for 30 year or more.