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Today is the general primary election in Illinois and we need all taxpayers to get out and vote!
There are well over 100 property tax increase referenda across the state and not a single one of them should pass! Remember that about 80% of local taxes go to salaries and benefits of government employees so it’s really not about the children; it’s about propping up the fat salaries of the bloated government.
Of particular concern, are the following:
Rochester, IL – Vote No on Home Rule! Home Rule gives government bureaucrats the right to raise or create new taxes without limit and without taxpayer approval. Home Rule always means higher taxes.
Berwyn South SD 100 – Vote No on 2 property tax increase referenda that would raise property taxes by about $1,200 a year!
Glenbard SD 87 – Vote No on the $35 million property tax increase referendum. This is nothing more than a money grab by greedy government bureaucrats who will tax everything they can to prop up their own salaries and pensions. 309 District 87 employees make over $100,000 for less than 9 months a year!
Johnsburg SD 12 – Vote No on the $41 million property tax increase that was put on the ballot after the district bureaucrats raised property taxes 1.7%, the maximum the law allows without a vote.
Huntley Park District – Vote No on the $19 million property tax increase for indoor turf fields.
Kane County – Vote No on the controversial referendum that will add a new taxing jurisdiction that will benefit not for profit organization who put the measure on the ballot for their own benefit. Not only is this suspect, but it may be criminal because it seems they may have used taxpayer money to fund the initiative.
Our referenda battles have been getting great press coverage. Here is the latest story and our comments in…
And you can listen to our interview with WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller…
Please vote for the Tax Accountability endorsed candidates that we need to win in November…
Governor, State of IL: Bruce Rauner
US Senate Representing IL: Jim Oberweis
U.S. House Representing the 3rd Congr. District of IL: Diane M. Harris
U.S. House Representing the 9th Congr. District of IL: David Earl Williams, III
U.S. House Representing the 11th Congr. District of IL: Ian Bayne
Every vote is important in the local elections. You can bet that the government employees will be out in force to vote for the property tax increases that prop up their salaries and benefits. Get out there and protect your income by defeating the property tax increase referenda!
Polls have been open since 6 am and will close at 7 pm.
Jim Tobin