View as PDF Chicago – Taxpayers United of America (TUA) urges Illinois General Assembly to defeat HB 3695, which calls for a new property tax earmarked for funding the Chicago government pensions.
Summary of HB 3695 – Amends the School Code. Provides that a separate tax shall be levied by the Chicago Board of Education for the purpose of making an employer contribution to the Public School Teachers’ Pension and Retirement Fund of Chicago, at the rate of 0.26%; requires the proceeds from this separate tax to be paid directly to the Pension Fund. Makes a corresponding reduction in the rate limitation for the tax for general educational purposes. Effective immediately.
“We have written a letter to the State Senate, urging them to vote against this new property tax,” stated TUA president, Jim Tobin.
“You can take one look at the Chicago teacher pensions and see that any effort to take even more from taxpayers to fund the outrageous and excessive Chicago government school pensions is not only irresponsible, but immoral.”
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“Whether you live in Chicago or not, it is critical that you take action and contact your state senator and insist they vote against this bill. Today it is only Chicago, but it won’t take long for union thugs to demand the same kind of new property tax for every school district in the state.”
“There isn’t an educated person who doesn’t understand that Illinois is in dire financial shape and adding any new taxes will be detrimental to the entire state.”
“This is clearly an attempt to prop up the failing pension system at any cost to taxpayers – even if you have to lose your home to do it. There are too many homeowners struggling to make the country’s second highest property tax payments at the current rate. How many will be forced out of their homes if the property taxes are driven up even further?”
“Although this legislation has been stated to be ‘highly partisan’, two Republicans are among the sponsors of this attempt to steal the rest of your money. Be sure to let Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R – Rockford) and Rep. David Harris (R – Mount Prospect) know that you won’t be sending them back to Springfield if they continue to sell us out for the corrupt pension cabal. Democratic sponsors of the new property tax include Sen. William Delgado (D – Chicago), Sen. Heather Steans (D – Chicago), Sen. Don Harmon (D – Oak Park), and Sen. Kimberly Lightford (D – Maywood).”
“Please, no matter where you live in Illinois, call your state senator and demand they vote no on HB 3695. The Chicago union thugs are counting on the rest of the state not to take action because they think it doesn’t affect you. Let’s show them that we are smarter than that.”
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  1. Oh please! This Taxpayers United of America “group” is clearly financed by some political team. If you are so incensed by your tax money being misused, why not the outrage over the $32.2 billion in taxpayer money that has been spent on stadiums for the private sector developers across the country.
    Your extreme viewpoints are irresponsible and less credible without discussing all the facts.
    If you don’t want to pay taxes for services that benefit all in this country and would rather give tax breaks to the wealthy, there are plenty of third world dictatorships that would love to have you.