View as PDF Chicago – Taxpayers United of America (TUA) helped local activists defeat Home Rule in 2 more communities in yesterday’s Illinois primary election. TUA has helped taxpayers defeat a total of 211 Home Rule referenda since its founding 40 years ago. TUA also helped taxpayers of Roselle SD12 to try and defeat a $1.5 million property tax increase referenda but lost to supporters of the tax and spend status quo. Overall, TUA has helped taxpayers defeat a total of 419 tax increase referenda since TUA’s first began contesting referenda in 1977.
“Taxpayers were divided, like everything political these days, over whether they were ready to tell the government bureaucrats to keep their hands out of our pockets and to stop spending our tax dollars faster than they are collected,” stated Jared Labell, TUA director of operations. “Fortunately, a few communities fought back with the ballot box yesterday against unlimited taxing authority.”
Taxpayers in Westchester and Franklin Park resoundingly defeated Home Rule referenda with the assistance of TUA:
Village of Westchester, Home Rule
(13 of 13 precincts counted)
YES 1,350 25.01%
NO 4,047 74.99%
Total 5,397
Village of Franklin Park, Home Rule
(11 of 11 precincts counted)
YES 1,400 36.57%
NO 2,428 63.43%
Total 3,828
“Some taxpayers in Summit weren’t so savvy at the polls. They clearly didn’t get the message that Home Rule always means higher taxes, more bureaucracy, and more government in your business,” said Labell. “Home Rule narrowly passed in Summit by 136 votes.”
Village of Summit, Home Rule
(3 of 3 precincts counted)
YES 946 53.87%
NO 810 46.13%
Total 1,756
“Unfortunately, taxpayers in Roselle SD12 weren’t ready to tell government school bureaucrats that enough is enough and force them to rein in spending, as voters approved a $1.5 million dollar property tax increase. Apparently they haven’t gotten the message that 80% of local taxes fund government salaries and benefits, including ridiculously lucrative pensions. This is a much more insidious problem than the typical waste, fraud, and abuse that we know is rampant in government bureaucracies,” said Labell.
Roselle GS 12 PROP TAX
Yes 1518, 56.37%
No 1175, 43.63%
“These substantial property tax hikes are not ‘for the children’ or the collective improvement of the community. It’s a shame that voters decided to force more tax dollars out of the productive private sector and award taxpayers’ hard-earned money to government thugs and cronies. These bureaucrats would prefer that your property tax payments put you out of your home before they would agree to compensation that is fair to them, the children, and the community they are supposed to serve,” concluded Labell.
Look for further analyses of the March 15 primary election results from TUA in the coming days.