Stop Oak Park and River Forest District 200 from Raising Our Property Taxes on December 20!

Brought to you by:  Protect District 200 Property Taxpayers
Barb Langer, Ph.D., Founder and Barry Epstein, Ph.D., CPA, Forensic Accountant

The Board of Education (BOE) for Oak Park-River Forest High School (OPRFHS) District 200 (D200) in Oak Park, Illinois, said on November 15 that D200 will pass a 2.5% property tax increase on December 20, 2012, despite having a $123 million cash surplus.
BOE members indicated that while they will hold a perfunctory “Truth in Taxation” public hearing immediately before approving the new levy on December 20, they will let nothing deter them from extracting their annual pound of flesh from D200 households.The only way District 200 residents can stop the BOE from passing the levy is to come and protest in person…

Thursday, December 20, 2012
7:30 p.m.
Oak Park River Forest High School
201 N. Scoville, Oak Park, IL.

Only mass political pressure will have any impact on the BOE.  Otherwise, you will face annual property tax increases from D200 forever.

D200 BOE President Terry Finnegan set forth D200’s arguments for the levy in a November 28 article, “Criticism of D200 levy is misinformed.” [i]

Mr. Finnegan took exception to our earlier articles in the Wednesday Journal [ii]  and Dr. Langer’s public comment opposing the Levy at the November 15, 2012, D200 BOE meeting. [iii]

We have rebutted Mr. Finnegan’s published arguments in the attached article. [iv] D200 also posted a description of the levy. [v]

Our brilliant forensic accountant, Dr. Barry Epstein, CPA, CFF, [vi] reviewed D200’s published Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and Projections for the last 10 years [vii] and found no justification for a new levy at this time. [viii]

Dr. Epstein will present a Power Point Presentation at the 7:30 p.m. BOE meeting on Thursday, December 20 at the high school that will be posted here following the meeting.  Please come and see him.  He’s a great speaker!

Below, after links to related documentation, are Dr. Epstein’s analysis of D200’s financial reports and Dr. Langer’s explanation of why and how D200 can and will pass the levy unless D200 residents come and protest at the December 20 BOE meeting.

Click below to view Dr. Epstein’s analysis, SD200 By the Numbers,  and related documentation (some files are large and may take a few moments to download).:
SD200 By the numbers
Dr. Langer’s analysis of SD200’s justification of tax increase
SD200 By the numbers (500 word version)
SD200 By the numbers (800 word version)
Our Rebuttal to D200 BOE President Finnegan’s 11/28/12 Wednesday Journal article
Dr. Langer’s Public Comment at November 15, 2012 D200 BOE meeting
Dr. Langer’s Viewpoints article censored by the Wednesday Journal
Dr. Langer’s report on BOE Pres. Finnegan’s refusal to speak
D200 Pres Finnegan’s Letter denying Dr Epstein’s request to speak on Dec20
D200 BOE President Finnegan’s email declining our request to speak
D200’s Notice of Property Tax Increase
ii Langer B:  Say no to District 200’s new tax levy increase.  Wednesday Journal, p. 26, 13Nov2012
Langer B, Thomas V:  District 200 rushes levy increase, survey.  Wednesday Journal, p. 23, 20Nov2012
iii Dr. Langer’s comments at November 15, D200 BOE meeting
iv Rebuttal to District 200 President Terry Finnegan’s article entitled: “Criticism of District 200 levy is misinformed”
v SD200 Description of 2012 Preliminary Levy

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